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Hovmand Lifters

The smarter choice for a wide range of industries. Hovmand manufacture a wide range of intelligent lifting and moving solutions designed for your specific systems. A respected European designer of materials handling equipment, Hovmand helps to make your workplace safe rand more efficient. DAB Technology is proud to be an official local dealer of Hovmand products.

Our company understands the value that the right equipment can add to any business, so we strive to offer the broadest possible range of products, allowing every organisation the chance to benefit. Whatever your needs, we have a solution to meet them. Browse our catalogue today and discover something ideal for your operations.

Supporting companies across a range of industries

DAB Technology offers Hovmand lifters to meet a variety of requirements. In our catalogue, clients can find an extensive range suitable for every industry from warehousing to manufacturing, information technology and more. Our range is divided into four sections:

  • Box handlers – ideal for storage and distribution facilities, these units effortlessly manage boxes and crates of every size and material. Emptying is easy thanks to the smooth turn and tip operation of these units.
  • Drum handlers – Suitable for use with cylindrical and bowl-shaped containers of all sizes, allowing simpler lifting, rotation, tipping and drainage. An invaluable addition to food processing, pharmaceutical and industrial chemical manufacturing operations.
  • Reel handlers – able to carry and load reels of every size and material without telescoping or damage, ideal for printing and paper manufacturing operations.
  • Other handlers – Hovmand manufactures lifters to meet a range of both general and niche needs, helping to safely transport everything from server racks to vehicle tyres and more. Speak to DAB Technology today and let us connect you with the ideal solution.

The expertise you need

DAB Technology offers our clients the chance to leverage extensive experience and close ties to respected manufacturers, helping them extend and enhance their business’ operations.

Get in touch today via email at or call us on +65 6891 3286 and speak to one of our consultants today.

Box Handling

Drum Handling

Reel Handling

Engineered Solutions