Printing and Packaging Industry


Materials Handling Solutions for the Printing and Packaging Industry

Palamatic have solved the lifting and handling requirements of many Companies within the Printing and Packaging Industry including

Applications include:

  •  Lifting and turning Reels
  •  Loading and unloading reels on to machine spindles
  •  Lifting and gripping print logs
  •  Liftingshrink wrapped goods
  •  Lifting and palletising and stacking boxes
  •  Lifting, palletising and stacking sacks
  • Transporting reels directly from pallets to production areas

Our equipment range includes:

  • Vacuum Lifters for sack, box, reel and print log lifting
  • Manipulators for reel lifting and turning
  • Mobile Load Assist for transporting reels

Our UK Engineers will follow the project from beginning through to the implementation of the equipment, including installation, commissioning and servicing and support.

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