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Articulated Jib

The articulated jib or knuckle type is used where the space and height is at a premium.


All articulated arm jibs can be suspended from vertical steel columns or from existing stanchions. In some cases these can also be fitted to a building wall and offered as a mobile version.

The advantage over the standard swing jib is that they provide a greater reach and movement and have the ability to operate within areas where either space or headroom is restricted. The smaller installation and operational footprint along with its ease of use make it the ideal choice.

All Palamatic Articulated Jibs are manufactured in house to suit the requirements of your facility. The standard heavy duty mild steel jib arms are finished in a durable powder coat and can be specified to NORSOK standards if required. Safe working loads of up to 250kg (551lb) and a reach of up to 4m are achievable.

Sanitary systems in stainless steel can be offered for use in environments where food, dairy or pharmaceutical product are being handled including containment booths or for ATEX controlled areas such as in the oil and gas industry.

Materials of construction for the stainless steel jibs are generally SS304 with an overall external finish – ss304 180 grit (0.8Ra)

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